“I’d go for an hour’s walk, sit on a bench and visualise my innings ball by ball – literally until I got a hundred,”

Even though cricket may not be your sport, this article about the world’s number 1 batsman (ICC rankings) is worth a read on the power of setting Goals and bringing them to life through a process known as IVVM.

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Getting super clear about what ideally you want


Creating a vivid picture of that ideal. 18 times golf major winner Jack Nicklaus visualised every shot he made before taking it. 


Repeating ‘I am’ statements about your future self…the traits you want to develop or the person you need to become to achieve the things you want to achieve. Positive self-talk.


Create a plan and have the discipline to consistently execute on the plan to turn this dream into the reality.

Your subconscious brain is an incredibly powerful tool. It does not distinguish between the real and the imagined and so will get to work on making this goal, which you have vividly brought to life through this process of IVVM, a reality.


“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve” 

– Napolean Hill, Author of Think and Grow Rich