It’s when they leverage their time and focus not just ‘ON’ the strategic development of business rather than just doing the technician jobs ‘IN’ the business, but also work on developing themselves to BEcoming the best version of themselves as business leaders and human beings.

They fully embrace the Formula for LIFE SUCCESS:


HAVE – Get crystal clear on what you want from life & from your business & the reason why to enable those goals, results, outcomes.

DO – Clear plans and consistent actions to execute those plans.

BE – Your mindset, philosophy, vision & values. Your discipline, the environment you put yourself in, the knowledge, skills and confidence you develop, the books you read, the people you hang out with…

The multiplier is in the BE because invariably you’re already working hard so to grow your business you can’t put in more hours and take on more stress by increasing your DO.

Use the untapped potential of your ‘BE’ lever and here’s how the maths can go:    

From 1(BE) x 10(DO) = 10(HAVE)    
to 5 (BE) x 10 (DO) = 50 (HAVE)  
to 8 (BE) x 10 (DO) = 80 (HAVE).
to 8 (BE) x (5 YOU x 100 TEAM – DO) = 4000 (HAVE)

In the last example, the DO can go up exponentially since you’re no longer stuck in the DO (the hub with all the spokes coming off you).

By working ON yourself and ON your business – focusing on the SYSTEMISATION of your business and developing your TEAM.

The Team are doing the DOING and MANAGING the day-to-day operations, while you are doing the LEADING.

Watch the short video (in the comments below) from a leader who exemplifies this transformation Matthew Morrall, CEO at ABEC.

Learn how by working both ON himself and ON his business he has, in just one year, doubled his business from £10m to £20m and boosted the value multiplier of his business .

At the same time reducing his stress and enhancing his and his team’s engagement and excitement with the success and growth journey they’re on.

Where’s the opportunity for you with your BE-DO-HAVE to realise your personal and business potential?