Sanjiv Dodhia – Award-winning London Business Coach

Over 35 years, I’ve coached and mentored over 100 business owners from London, Surrey, Middlesex, and beyond.

As a Business Growth Specialist, I can help you transform your business into a sustainably profitable enterprise that works without you. That means working strategically from above, rather than being entangled from the inside.

Starting with a complimentary Business Growth session, I can help you shape your business around the life YOU want, able to do what you enjoy and playing to your strengths.

With an accelerated growth strategy, you will attain financial freedom. You can enjoy the benefits as a shareholder, cash in and pursue other ventures, or build a legacy for the next generation.

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ABEC win Best Overall Company at BizX 2022 

Matt Morrall, CEO of ABEC, leveraged a five-year plan to double his business turnover in 12 months.

By working on every aspect of the business, Matt was able to reach £20 million turnover through the COVID pandemic.

I couldn’t be prouder to have been a part of ABEC’s success – the best is yet to come.

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Bonham & Brook win Best Business Growth at BizX 2023

The team at Bonham & Brook grew their business from a startup to an enterprise with revenues over £6.5 million.

Their dedication to continuous improvement saw their team increase to over 50 staff in four years, having served more than 600 customers.

It’s been a privilege to work with them, and there’s even more potential to be realised.

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MORE LIFE - the first step is your FREE coaching session

Design business in a way that suits the life YOU want.

I will provide…

PERSPECTIVEA detached, objective view that holds up a mirror to you and your business.

A SOUNDING BOARDThe opportunity to brainstorm and weigh up options with an experienced mentor and business expert.

KNOWHOWStrategies for accelerated growth, giving you the toolkit and confidence to navigate the scale-up journey.

ACCOUNTABILITYChallenge and support, to keep you consistently disciplined and on track to continuous improvement.

You will unlock…

BREAKTHROUGH RESULTSClarity in vision for the next 5-10 years, with actionable goals and a roadmap to achieve them. 

MORE MONEYStrategies to grow your earnings and business value, providing the income to achieve financial freedom.

MORE TIMEWorking ON your business as an owner and not just IN it as a manager, freeing up time for what matters in your life.

BETTER TEAMThe right people trained for the right roles, with your operations systemised so that your business grows without you.

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Why everyone needs a coach...

If the best athletes in the world need coaches, why don’t you?

Watch as renowned surgeon, Atul Gawande, speaks for two minutes on why everyone can benefit from the support of a coach.

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