Success Stories


Success Story of Joseph Thompson, CEO at RTIB ‘The benefits have been tenfold. Having the toolkit and learning from Sanjiv has been a revelation in the way we operate as a business’

“An absolute no brainer. I wish I'd done it ten years ago…. Not one part of the business has not be affected by the work we've done with Sanjiv.”

Within 6 months of coaching Adam has seen a 100% increase in business, a return to profit, as well significant changes in the culture, structure, management processes and sales, marketing and finance functions within the business.

Coaching Laura has seen her go From working all the hours doing everything, heading towards giving up to now having a clear understanding of the vision, values and targets of her business – enjoying less stress, more family time and a 55% increase in turnover…

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Success Story of Moses Rashid Founder / CEO of The Edit London - Mentoring to get clear on strategy, validate decisions and see through challenges has enabled Moses to build a new business, with a pre-money valuation of £11m

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Millie Pearson joined Moses Rashid, founder and CEO of The Edit LDN, as her right hand to manage the operations and, within a year, was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of this rapid growth business.