Marcin Durlak – Managing Partner, IMD Solicitors

A huge business and personal transformation

Sanjiv helped Marcin, founder and Managing Partner at IMD Solicitors, accelerate not just his business but his personal goals. Sanjiv has worked with the team at IMD for the past 3 years on putting in place the key building blocks for operating a successful business: planning, finance, reporting, management process, systems, team, vision & culture.

The business has gone from being cash challenged and below break-even to an incredible 2350% increase in net profit and a 71% increase in turnover.

The result has been not just a business transformation, but a story of personal transformation to revive goals such as rekindling his love of taekwondo to attain his black belt and go on to win 4 British championship gold medals!

The coaching experience has helped both Marcin and his wife and business partner, Iwona, discover their business purpose, get back their ‘mojo’ and re-energise their personal dreams, giving them more time and money for family, wellbeing and personal growth and development.




The Coach’s Perspective

‘Not only has Marcin achieved exceptional results in his business but in his personal life too. It is brilliant to be part of his incredible journey and all that he is accomplishing…’