Joseph Thompson – CEO, RTIB

‘The benefits have been tenfold. Having the toolkit and learning from Sanjiv has been a revelation in the way we operate as a business’

Joseph Thompson, CEO of Richard Thompson Insurance Brokers (RTIB) turned to Sanjiv and coaching to help move their business which had stagnated and facing a number of challenges, including COVID, to restructure and reshape it and go for growth again.

Having fallen into the ‘Owners Trap’ of working IN the business, doing the same jobs and feeling like he always needed to be there, Joseph knew he needed external support to help him get the perspective, clarity and structure the business needed.

Within two weeks of working with Sanjiv, Joseph felt inspired by the benefits and how to operate ‘ON’ and not just doing the jobs ‘IN’ the business. Together they set: a vision, plan and clear goals broken down to quarterly priorities, monthly and weekly steps; created a clear structure, roles and responsibilities; defined their culture and core values and refocused everyone to create a highly engaged team.

Joseph said, “Having Sanjiv to help us see the wood from the trees, gain clarity on our long-term aims and create a plan to set and achieve our goals has been invaluable.”

Coach’s Perspective

 “Getting their business, that had become stuck and stressful through the challenges of the past few years, moving forward and growing again has been important for Joe and his team at RTIB. However it’s the perspective and freedom coaching has given them to work ON their business that has been revolutionary for their business. Their work/life balance has improved, their stress levels have come down, they have a clear set of values, a fantastic culture and team, a strong management process, a clear vision and roadmap for the next 5 years. Growing the business has become fun again so they can now enjoy the  journey through their next phase of growth. “