You don’t need me to tell you that we are currently in a state of global economic uncertainty – we are on the same planet!

But if you’re consuming the news regularly and getting distracted by these unpredictable circumstances, it may be taking its toll on you mentally and physically.

Though let’s not forget, we have come through and out the other side of major uncertainty in recent years, from the crash of 2007 to a global pandemic.

In some respects uncertainty is our new norm, making it even more important that we focus on the things that we can control in our lives and business.

To focus your energy on what you can influence is what Stephen Covey calls ‘controlling your controllables’ in his book, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, he says to look at your circles of influence and write them down: things you can control, things you can influence and things out of your control.

This is sound advise – to relieve stress and anxiety from things out of your control, focus attention on the things you can influence:

  • Focus on your team and their individual objectives for ending the year on a high.
  • Create weekly, monthly personal and business goals that can be achieved with dedication and commitment.
  • Spend time working out what makes you happy and keeps you healthy and create good daily habits around them.

Look after your positive mindset by limiting your news consumption – instead put this energy into influencing your team, systems, strategy, goal setting and planning so your business will be in the strongest position going into 2023…