Millie Pearson – COO, Edit Ldn

“Business coaching has allowed the goals and vision – in my head – out and onto the page, so I can now systematically share and work through them.”

Millie Pearson joined Moses Rashid, founder and CEO of The Edit LDN, as her right hand to manage the operations and, within a year, was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of this rapid growth business.

Sanjiv has coached and mentored Millie through this accelerated growth journey with expected revenues in excess of £6 million in this financial year, a pre-money valuation of circa £11 million and a target valuation of £30m.

The coaching has helped Millie grow, delegate to and manage her team more effectively so she’s not wearing all the hats, having to micro manage and do all the jobs in the business. She has learnt how to open up and ‘eat that frog’ everyday so all the priorities have been managed before the end of the day! Working with Sanjiv has kept her accountable and kept her on track with her goals.

The result is her punishing schedule has thankfully reduced, she works less hours and has time to focus on the her own development as a strategic leader of the business.

The Coach’s Perspective

“Moses was able to leverage his initial investment in coaching to develop not just one business, but a second in a completely different sector with accelerated growth. Growing and developing his own capabilities, confidence, knowledge and mindset so that he could apply the principles learned and toolkit acquired to grow any business with the plan, team, culture and systems to drive that business through rapid growth. He’s now able to play a strategic, visionary role in both businesses, playing to his strengths, while his team operate the day-to-day businesses.”

‘Grow and develop your team. Let them grow your business.’