Moses Rashid – Founder/CEO, The Edit London

‘Mentoring to get clear on strategy, validate decisions and see through challenges has enabled Moses to build a new business, with a pre-money valuation of £11m’

Sanjiv has coached and mentored Moses Rashid – founder and CEO of The Edit London, through the growth journey of not one but two businesses now: Section:Media, and Advertising/Media Recruitment Consultancy and, now, Edit Ldn.

Applying the key principles learnt and business growth toolkit Moses acquired during their 6-year relationship, has helped him achieve accelerated growth for EDIT London of 525% from year 1 to 2 and looking at a revenue target in excess of £6m in this next financial year.

Moses’ investment in coaching for, not only him, but also his senior team in both businesses, has given them the right amount of challenge, direction, and support with a clear vision, goals and plan to create a business that now operates without his day-to-day involvement; and time to focus on launching and accelerating a high-growth business that started as a hobby while he was operating the first business.

Coach’s Perspective

“Moses was able to leverage his initial investment in coaching to develop not just one business, but a second in a completely different sector with accelerated growth. Growing and developing his own capabilities, confidence, knowledge and mindset so that he could apply the principles learned and toolkit acquired to grow any business with the plan, team, culture and systems to drive that business through rapid growth. He’s now able to play a strategic, visionary role in both businesses, playing to his strengths, while his team operate the businesses. Grow and develop your team to grow your business.”